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After Afghan ‘Refugee’ Is Evacuated to America, He Gripes about Dinner Selection at Fort Bliss

A refugee who was rescued from Afghanistan isn’t happy with his free, taxpayer-funded meals at Fort Bliss in Texas.

We know because he tweeted a picture, presumably using an iPhone or smartphone.

This immediately sparked outrage.

Award-winning film producer Errol Webber fired back, “13 Marines sacrificed their life so you could come to our country and tweet about how you don’t like your free food.”

The tweet contains a photo of the meal he’d been served free of charge at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

The Afghan refugee wrote, “Not complaining but this is what I got last night for dinner and the next meal is 12 hours later.”

“Refugee life might be safe but never easy & favorable. Fort bliss El Paso Texas,” the caption reads.

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Take a look:

Despite commenting that he was “not complaining,” this is how the message was widely perceived.

Here are some of the responses:

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In a response, Ahmadi explains that his mother wanted him to leave Afghanistan.

Alongside an image with his mother, Ahmadi wrote back, “She lost a son to a pointless war, a daughter to covid and now another son to migration.”


Ahmadi quoted his mother saying, “It is not gonna be easy son, but you should go! I can’t bear any more loss in this family. We’re too old and they will never come for us, you should save your life.”

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In an interview with the Independent, Ahmadi makes more concerning comments.

“I had a pretty good job back in Kabul. I had a decent life,” Ahmadi says.

“I had my family. I was forced to flee Afghanistan … if I had more space [on Twitter], I would have added more explanation – because I wanted to say that this is the refugee life. And we need to be patient.”

“The point of that tweet was not … to be complaining, to be very critical. I was just describing a situation of Afghan refugees that are in the situation that they never really wanted to be in,” he added.

Here’s the article from the Independent with Ahmadi responding, “Thank you”:

These comments didn’t sit well with American taxpayers who continued to express their concerns and anger.

Many believe these remarks from Ahmadi demonstrate that he is “spoiled” or “ungrateful” for the incredible sacrifice that was required to rescue him.

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