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WATCH: Amid Russian offensive, Ukraine backs away from NATO bid?

In an apparent nod aimed at placating Moscow, Ukraine’s president Zelenskyy said that he is no longer seeking NATO membership, an issue that was one of Russia’s stated reasons for the invasion.

Knowing the difference between truth and false is very costly for leaders. They need to weigh in all options, think mature about the outcome and their people’s future before acting foolish;

Better late than never. I hope both sides can come to a compromise. Peace in Ukraine and in the World;

As an American it is obvious to me that NATO was not going to have Ukraine’s back. They weren’t obligated to and they were not going to start World War I II over a country that they did not have signed allegiance to. I’m glad to see Zelinski has wised up. Why continue to push for a friendship with somebody who doesn’t want to be your friend. I am ashamed of our politicians. Fortunately most Americans are not what our politicians portray;


I hope that Zelensky truly realized that having his people standing alive & saved from war is more rewarding than having people giving him standing ovation. No nations win in war. It only leaves wasting precious lives offered for a senseless war;

The wrong decisions of the leaders led to this war. The damage has been done. The trauma and emotional damage is irreversible;

He had to back away. He knew they wouldn’t allow him to be a member of NATO. It would start WW3, just as a no fly zone would. He was starting to get a bit coarse with NATO and he realized that was not the rout he should be taking: Viewers’ Comments.

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