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US embassy in Iraq under mortar attack

This is a disaster waiting to happen: Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Peter Doocy reveals details of Hunter Biden’s ‘party lifestyle’ #shorts

Palestinian leaders reportedly plan to partner with Hamas in post-war Gaza

Drugs, escorts, cars, and more: Explosive new Hunter Biden charges revealed

Tomi Lahren: This is how Democrats get Biden to step aside #shorts

Matt Whitaker: This is worse than it appears

Joe Biden's home is in the middle of Hunter's 'grift scheme': John Solomon

'ALL ABOUT OPTICS': Biden called out for fundraising with Hollywood elite

Attorney: This could 'absolutely' tie Joe to Hunter's alleged crimes

Charlamagne begs Biden to 'step aside': 'Ultimate Christmas gift'

Israeli military going 'house to house' in southern Gaza

Christmas relaxing instrumental music with crackling fire sounds - Calm Christmas background music

Newt Gingrich: Hunter Biden indictment shows first family akin to TV mob clan

Delaware judge a reason for Hunter indictment: Dershowitz

It’s really ‘easy’ leaving the Democratic Party: Emily Wilson

Migrants FLOOD bordertown of Lukeville, AZ

‘BE VERY VIGILANT’: GOP lawmaker warns of potential Chinese attacks

Chris Rufo: These university presidents are ‘moral morons’

Chip Roy: People are dying and Biden is ignoring us

Jonathan Turley: Hunter Biden indictment could make things worse for Joe

Jesse Watters: Biden is calling himself a winner #shorts

Jesse Watters: Democrats don't like their chances with Biden

Could a pardon come into play if Hunter's convicted?

BREAKING: Hunter Biden indicted on 9 new charges in California

Katie Pavlich: These universities have a systemic antisemitism problem

‘The Five’: A ‘Squad’ member wants felons to vote

‘DIRE SITUATION’: US border encounters hit new record under Biden

'Almost un-American': Biden ripped over student loan forgiveness

Kayleigh McEnany: Hunter isn't worried about 'daddy's DOJ'

'JUST ROUND ONE': Andy McCarthy says judge will rule against Trump

Even the Democrats are saying 'enough': Dagen McDowell

Biden hit with 'utter disaster' in CNN poll

Jesse Watters: Imagine dating a Democrat! #shorts

'Nonstop flow' of adult male migrants overwhelms border agents

Kirby tells Fox News US is 'not in an armed conflict with Houthis '

Kirsten Gillibrand: We need moral clarity in this moment

Two top Hamas officials killed by Israeli forces

Former Miss Israel: What happened to humanity?

The US has ‘no more urgent threat’ than the border: Sen. Tom Cotton

Israeli ambassador to UN: 'Words are not enough'

Trump rails against ongoing trial: 'The whole case is a fraud'

House censures 'Squad' member for pulling fire alarm

‘FARCE’: The UN has ‘no credibility, Nikki Haley says

House votes to censure Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling fire alarm

Peter Doocy: President Biden has never said this before

Biden under fire for 'ridiculous' claim about Hunter

Jesse Watters: AOC invented a hoax #shorts

Ron DeSantis hits at Trump for failing to attend debates: 'He owes it to show up'

This is 'offensive!': Vivek battles Kilmeade over Ukraine