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Former President Donald Trump isn’t letting up on his predictions that President Joe Biden isn’t going to make it to Election Day. The GOP...




US embassy in Iraq under mortar attack

This is a disaster waiting to happen: Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Peter Doocy reveals details of Hunter Biden’s ‘party lifestyle’ #shorts

Palestinian leaders reportedly plan to partner with Hamas in post-war Gaza

Drugs, escorts, cars, and more: Explosive new Hunter Biden charges revealed

Tomi Lahren: This is how Democrats get Biden to step aside #shorts

Matt Whitaker: This is worse than it appears

Joe Biden's home is in the middle of Hunter's 'grift scheme': John Solomon

'ALL ABOUT OPTICS': Biden called out for fundraising with Hollywood elite

Attorney: This could 'absolutely' tie Joe to Hunter's alleged crimes

Charlamagne begs Biden to 'step aside': 'Ultimate Christmas gift'

Israeli military going 'house to house' in southern Gaza

Christmas relaxing instrumental music with crackling fire sounds - Calm Christmas background music

Newt Gingrich: Hunter Biden indictment shows first family akin to TV mob clan

Delaware judge a reason for Hunter indictment: Dershowitz

It’s really ‘easy’ leaving the Democratic Party: Emily Wilson

Migrants FLOOD bordertown of Lukeville, AZ

‘BE VERY VIGILANT’: GOP lawmaker warns of potential Chinese attacks

Chris Rufo: These university presidents are ‘moral morons’

Chip Roy: People are dying and Biden is ignoring us

Jonathan Turley: Hunter Biden indictment could make things worse for Joe

Jesse Watters: Biden is calling himself a winner #shorts

Jesse Watters: Democrats don't like their chances with Biden

Could a pardon come into play if Hunter's convicted?

BREAKING: Hunter Biden indicted on 9 new charges in California

Katie Pavlich: These universities have a systemic antisemitism problem

‘The Five’: A ‘Squad’ member wants felons to vote

‘DIRE SITUATION’: US border encounters hit new record under Biden

'Almost un-American': Biden ripped over student loan forgiveness

Kayleigh McEnany: Hunter isn't worried about 'daddy's DOJ'

'JUST ROUND ONE': Andy McCarthy says judge will rule against Trump

Even the Democrats are saying 'enough': Dagen McDowell

Biden hit with 'utter disaster' in CNN poll

Jesse Watters: Imagine dating a Democrat! #shorts

'Nonstop flow' of adult male migrants overwhelms border agents

Kirby tells Fox News US is 'not in an armed conflict with Houthis '

Kirsten Gillibrand: We need moral clarity in this moment

Two top Hamas officials killed by Israeli forces

Former Miss Israel: What happened to humanity?

The US has ‘no more urgent threat’ than the border: Sen. Tom Cotton

Israeli ambassador to UN: 'Words are not enough'

Trump rails against ongoing trial: 'The whole case is a fraud'

House censures 'Squad' member for pulling fire alarm

‘FARCE’: The UN has ‘no credibility, Nikki Haley says

House votes to censure Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling fire alarm

Peter Doocy: President Biden has never said this before

Biden under fire for 'ridiculous' claim about Hunter

Jesse Watters: AOC invented a hoax #shorts

Ron DeSantis hits at Trump for failing to attend debates: 'He owes it to show up'

This is 'offensive!': Vivek battles Kilmeade over Ukraine