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President Joe Biden and other White House authorities on Tuesday said the government will begin targeted community house to house outreach with an end goal to support COVID-19 vaccination rates. 

Since millions Americans are unvaccinated and due to the purported “Delta” variation that is spreading, Biden said that his organization will endeavor to heighten vaccination efforts. 

“Do it now,” said Biden during a White House press conference, alluding to getting vaccinated. 

The president said that people will be “knocking on doors” to get “help to the remaining people” who aren’t vaccinated. It’s part of a community outreach program, he said, that is being set up as mass vaccination sites are being phased out.

Biden likewise talked about how his administration intends to make the vaccine accessible in more medical services settings. 
Those measures incorporate giving more help to a huge number of drug stores, specialist’s workplaces, and other clinical offices so they can circulate vaccines, Biden said. Vaccines will likewise be given out at games, summer occasions, and strict exercises, he added. 

“We’re increasing endeavors to meet individuals out where they are,” the president said. 
More youthful Americans, Biden added, appear to be especially hesitant to get the vaccine. The president contended they’re more in danger of getting the Delta variation and that the strain is liable for most new COVID-19 cases. 

“Seems to me, it should cause everyone to think twice,” Biden said. 

In expounding on the house to house outreaches earlier in the day, White House, press secretary Jen Psaki said it will be “targeted by community door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated.” It’s not clear how the organization intends to achieve this, and neither she nor Biden gave additional subtleties. 

The organization will initially target networks with lower vaccination rates, she added. The house to house outreach endeavors will get information about vaccines to individuals who haven’t got them at this point. 

The arrangement is essential for the public authority’s COVID-19 reaction after the White House fell short of its purposeful July 4 cutoff time to get 70% of American grown-ups somewhere around one vaccine shot. As per information from the U.S. Communities for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in excess of 67% of American grown-ups have gotten something like a single shot and in excess of 157 million are completely immunized. 

“You don’t just give up just because you haven’t reached every single person,” Psaki spilled over to the reporters. “We’re going to continue to apply where we, what we’ve seen have been the best practices over the past several months.” 

The groups conveyed by the White House will be made out of authorities from the CDC, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), and other government health organizations, Biden said. 

It comes as CDC Director Rochelle Walensky last week said there are still around 1,000 districts in the United States that have under 30% vaccination inclusion. They’re predominantly consigned toward the Southeast and Midwest areas, she added. 

Coronavirus is the disease brought about by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. 
The Delta variation has now been found in each U.S. state, health authorities recently said. 

The White House has been reached for comment on the program.


Biden administration

Biden, Don Lemon bashed for their performances at CNN town hall event: ‘Uncomfortable to watch’



 From the size of the crowd to the moderator Don Lemon’s performance the CNN’s well advertised town hall event with President Biden, was bashed. 

Jennifer Epstein,  Bloomberg News reporter kicked off by pointing out the very few persons in attendance.

Mark Simone,  radio host also noted, “CNN was very careful to not show that no one showed up for the Biden Town Hall and that most of the room was empty,” . 

While Bongino Report tagged the event  a “train wreck,”, the president of Media Research Center Brent Bozell described it “garbage.” 

Jack Butler, National Review editor  bashed the “contrived” CNN event that he feels is a completely different far cry from the previous successful town hall events, positing  that the format should be abolished, he tagged it a “hideous spectacle unbecoming of a self-governing republic” that continues to get worse.

“If CNN had any shame or respect for the citizens of a self-governing republic, the network would never air one of these idiotic events again,” Butler added. “But don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.”

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck pointed out that while eight Democrats were allowed to ask questions, only three Republicans were allowed. 

Tom Elliott, Grabien Media founder  sarcastically said Biden was “crushing it” sharing a viral video of the president struggling to give answer to a question. The clip piled up over 2.2 million views and generated a long list of back lash. Some viewers were irked that Lemon didn’t point out Biden’s struggles, while others just felt the whole event was painful to watch. 

During the event, Lemon also called on to Biden as “the big guy”.
“You’ve been the big guy for six months now in the White House. Can you take us behind the scenes, something that was extraordinary or unusual that happened that stands out to you?” Lemon asked.

“The big guy” was a word notably used with respect to Biden in a leaked email thread allegedly involving Joe’s son Hunter Biden making a deal with a Chinese energy firm
Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y. pointed out on this connection as well, tweeting “Wow. Even Don Lemon knows Joe Biden is the “Big Guy”! #HuntersEmails.”

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Tax Expert Reveals Truth About Biden Tax Hikes




The truth will set you free… unless you’re a Democrat.

Dems Sit in Silence as Tax Expert Reveals Truth About Biden Tax Hikes

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Fann, Senate President’s Response To The Recall of Arizona’s Electors And Altering Of 2020 Election



CEO of Cyber Ninjas, Doug Logan, expatiating on the discoveries from the audit said to the senators that auditors couldn’t find any record made of Maricopa County pushing more than 74,000 mail-in ballots and also that about 18,000 persons who voted were taken off voter rolls “soon after the election.” He also talked about some “11,326 persons who were not on the voter rolls on Nov. 7, 2020, but appeared on the rolls on Dec. 4, 2020, and 3,981 persons who voted after their registration after the date, Oct. 15, 2020.”

After the hearing, some Republican senators reacted to the new findings calling for Arizona’s 11 electors—who went for Biden—to be recalled.
“A new election must be conducted. Arizona’s electors must not be awarded fraudulently & we need to get this right,” Sen. Wendy Rogers, a Republican, tweeted last week.

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement positing that the ballot audit unveiled some irregularities and fraud that would have swayed the election in his favor last year. On July 15, the Senate held a hearing, amidst a months-long review carried on by Florida-based tech firm Cyber Ninjas and teams told lawmakers they found about some major discrepancies.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann’s, (a Republican) comments came as soon after. She told One America News Network (OANN), covering the ballot audit of Maricopa County, that though the upper chamber has the power to provide auditors with the materials they require —including through the use of subpoenas, the certification of electors is a different matter.
“The Senate body—we do not have the authority to do that. So, this is what we have said, and I want to make this very clear on the record,” the Republican state leader said on July 16 referring to the elector being recalled which could alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

In her OANN interview, she also said that the Senate in this situation only has “the power to subpoena the information. This is because we make laws,”. She also noted that they’re “entitled to have the necessary information to determine how to write those laws.”
“That’s why we are successful in court, and that’s what we’re doing. It’s all about election integrity. It’s not about the Trump–Biden race. It’s not about the Kelly–Martha McSally race,” she remarked, referring to the 2020 presidential election and the U.S. Senate race that was won by Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.).

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