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Biden Admin SLAMS Biden Admin For Their Treatment Of Migrants

The Biden Administration is all over the place when it comes to solving this crisis.

Why isn’t anyone asking the obvious question?? How did 15,000+ Haitians arrive at our southern border at once?? If Haiti is so devastated by hurricanes and earthquakes, and they have very few resources, HOW were they able to coordinate this move? Did they all get together and build a great Arc?? The most common-sense answer is THEY WERE SENT FOR. Also, why, after making it to Central America and Mexico did they decide to further rush their lives and the lives of their family to come to America?? They were promised further incentives. My best guess….it’s a Soros-backed movement, facilitated through Democrat/liberal “non-profits” to ensure more votes because they cannot win otherwise. They don’t care about these poor souls. They are merely using them for their own political and personal gain! : Followers’ comments






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