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Biden’s America: Border Crossings Hit New 21-Year Record as Border Crisis Spirals Further Out of Control

Joe Biden is setting new records.

At the southern border, border crossings have hit a new 21-year record by reaching one million in 2021, according to The Daily Mail.

The report says that 212,672 migrants came in July, which is a 13% rise from June.

Alejandro Mayorkas, who was selected by Biden to serve as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, made the announcement.

Mayorkas said, “Allow me to share with you the CBP enforcement numbers for July – 212,672 persons were encountered attempting entry along the southwest border, a 13 per cent increase over June 2021.”

Donald Trump’s former acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said, “Those pictures that we showed you under the bridge, you know, a couple thousands migrants, those facilities that we showed you of illegal aliens basically, you know, stacked on top of each other, laying on top of each other, crowded and dangerously overcrowded positions.”

“I’m actually having sources report to me right now that they have been directed to clear out the illegal aliens under that bridge and start transporting illegal aliens out of those overcrowded facilities,” Morgan said.

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“And why?” Morgan asked. “In anticipation of Secretary Mayorkas’ visit down there.”

Morgan continued, “I’ve got to tell you – I’m having sources report that to me, and I’ve got to tell you, that is simply – if that is, in fact, true, it is outrageous and it is disgusting, and I hope somebody on this call does a little bit more investigative work to find out exactly what’s happened.”


Morgan concluded, “I’m also hearing that they reached out to their Mexican counterparts to try and get them to increase their patrols right now as Secretary Mayorkas is going to visit there. And every time that happens, of course, the flow goes down in that area.”

More from Daily Mail:

The new figures are a 21-year month high for encounters and nears Biden toward the 1 million mark as the encounter count hits 934,257 when counting the data between February and July.

In June, CBP reported it encountered 188,829 illegal immigrants at the border, which was the previous decade-long high before this month’s figures were released.

Mayorkas, who heads Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, visited the border on Thursday as images emerged overnight of a new batch of hundreds of illegal immigrants lining up to turn themselves into border patrol agents…

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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham added: ‘So much for the idea that there would be a ‘seasonal downturn’ in illegal immigrant crossings at our southern border!

‘Between the crisis at the border and the debacle in Afghanistan, one could argue that President Biden is the most incompetent national security president in modern history.

‘The only thing worse than being incompetent is being stubborn to the point that you can’t look at the facts and change your mind when necessary. When it comes to the border and situation in Afghanistan, the worst is yet to come.’

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