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BREAKING: Authorities Make Terrifying Discovery Among Afghan Evacuees, Find Suspected ISIS Member

At Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, security screeners have uncovered disturbing information.

They have detected that at least one of the Afghan “refugees” has potential ties to ISIS.

A U.S. official confirmed this report after the Afghan was evacuated from Kabul Airport.

The Defense Department’s Automated Biometric Identification System has reportedly flagged more individuals.

Up to 100 of the 7,000 Afghans evacuated identified as prospective recipients of Special Immigration Visas have potential matches to intelligence agency watch lists.

Thousands of Afghans have been flown to other temporary staging bases throughout the Middle East and Europe by U.S. military aircraft.

At least 6,000 fleeing Afghans have been evacuated to Al Udeid where they are undergoing screening.

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An official claims, “The bottom line is the system is working, but slow in the process.”

The process reportedly involves biometric and biographic security screenings conducted by U.S. intelligence, law enforcement and counterterrorism professionals.

This occurs before they’re allowed into the United States.

There were a limited number of U.S. screeners at Hamid Karzai International Airport working to vet hundreds, then thousands of evacuees.

This chaos is speculated to have caused possible mistakes, which is how an individual already evacuated is now being identified with possible ties to ISIS.

To date, the U.S. military and chartered aircraft have flown out more than 63,000 Americans, Afghans, and allied partners fleeing the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

More from Defense One:

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At those bases, Customs and Border Patrol screeners are checking evacuees’ IDs and biometric data against law enforcement databases, the first official said.

Ultimately, thousands of those Afghans will come to the United States, where they will be initially housed at several military bases, such as Fort Bliss in Texas, Fort McCoy in Wiscons in and Fort Lee in Virginia.

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Biden Holds to Aug. 31 Evacuation Deadline, But Orders Up ‘Contingency Plans’ for Afghanistan Pullout

US Has Evacuated 42,000 from Kabul; 16,000 in last 24 Hours Alone, Pentagon Says.


“There’s certainly been a number of them” who triggered alerts, requiring agents to pull those evacuees aside for further screening, the first official said. In most cases, those Afghans—many of whom have already been vetted through the special immigrant visa process—were cleared by follow-on screening.

But in at least one case, the evacuee “looks like a potential member of ISIS,” the first official said. “They’re still working that through.”

Trump has called on Biden to resign from office “in disgrace.” Trump said, “What Joe Biden has done with Afghanistan is legendary. It will go down as one of the greatest defeats in American history!”

The Taliban has reportedly set up checkpoints and they are beating people attempting to reach the airport in order to evacuate.

Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin has told members of the House of Representatives that Americans are in fact being beaten by the Taliban in Kabul.

A new 98-page report from the Inspector General reveals alarming information about the Biden administration and events leading up to the catastrophe in Afghanistan.

With the released of the Department of Defense’s quarterly Sentinel report on Operation Freedom, we’ve learned 4 key facts:

1. The Biden administration knew that the Afghan forces were unlikely to succeed in slowing or stopping the Taliban’s advance.

2. The report shows that the Biden administration also knew the Taliban had its sights set on Kabul.

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3. The Biden administration knew the Taliban was only engaged in political negotiations to seek legitimacy, but planned to increase its military offensive to take the country by force.

4. The report also warned that plans for Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport were likely insufficient due to a complicated agreement with Turkish forces.



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