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BREAKING: Biden to Mandate Vaccine for Millions of People, Includes Federal Workers and Contractors

Joe Biden went after our active-duty U.S. troops first, forcing them to take the Covid vaccine drug via a shot in the arm.

All 1.3 million service members were required to get the shot in early August

Joe insulted the American people by suggested they’re stupid if they choose not to receive the vaccine.

“You’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were,” Biden said to those who were unvaccinated in July of 2021.

Then the nation’s largest retailer — Walmart — pushed the Democrats’ agenda by forcing only US-based corporate employees to be vaccinated by October 4th in order to return to work.

Walmart doubled its vaccine incentive to $150. They are literally paying people to take the drug. The original incentive of $75 apparently wasn’t enough.

Another one of America’s largest employers — Disney — quickly followed suit by forcing employees to be vaccinated.

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Employers are expected to set up an intrusive verification process to ensure employees are, in fact, vaccinated.

Now Biden is mandating all federal employees and contractors receive the coronavirus vaccination.

Biden is taking a new “hard-line approach” with his administration regarding the vaccination.

CNN reports that Biden will sign an executive order to force this on federal employees.

There will be no option to “opt out” of the requirement, regardless of your reasoning.

The White House estimates this covers 2.5 million people.

Biden is also expected to put more pressure on businesses that have not already forced the drug on employees.

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CNN reports, “Among the steps that the President will take is signing an executive order requiring all federal workers to be vaccinated, with no option of being regularly tested to opt out of the requirement, according to a source familiar with the plans.”

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“The President will also sign an executive order directing that same standard be extended to employees of contractors who do business with the federal government,” the report adds.

“The Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Indian Health Service and National Institute of Health will also complete their previously announced vaccination requirements, which the White House estimates covers 2.5 million people.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “There are — there are six new — there are six steps the President is announcing. There will be new components, as I noted and you noted. Some of that will be related to access to testing.”


“Some will be related to mandates. Some will be related to how we ensure kids are protected in schools,” Psaki said.

“And we’ll have more — we’ll preview more tomorrow as all the pieces are finalized. But there will be new components that, sure, will of course impact people across the country. But we’re also all working together to get the virus under control, to return to our normal lives,” she continued.

“And I know many people, I’m sure, are looking forward to hearing what the President has to say.”

More from Daily Wire:

Biden’s announcement is a significant step further than the action he took earlier this year that gave employees the option of submitting themselves to regular COVID tests in lieu of a vaccine. While some Democratic officials in states and cities have embraced heavy-handed vaccine measures, Republicans have largely fought against such measures since the widespread distribution of vaccines…

Some parts of the federal government have already instituted or announced vaccine mandates for their employees. The U.S. military announced last month that all U.S. servicemen are required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. As The Daily Wire reported:

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memorandum on Monday informing all Department of Defense employees of an upcoming mandate to get immunized against coronavirus.

The Associated Press reported, “Members of the U.S. military will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine beginning next month under a plan laid out by the Pentagon Monday and endorsed by President Joe Biden.” According to the outlet, “Austin said the mid-September deadline could be accelerated if the vaccine receives final FDA approval or infection rates continue to rise.”

“I have every confidence that Service leadership and your commanders will implement this new vaccination program with professionalism, skill, and compassion,” Austin wrote. “To defend this Nation, we need a healthy and ready force.”

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