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Buses of migrants begin arriving in DC

Dozens of migrants were reportedly transported from Texas to Washington D.C.

This is a slap-in-the-face for the legal immigrants and the American taxpayers. Let’s Go, Brandon!;

All states need to do this. Send them all to D.C. or Martha’s vineyard. I’m sure the feds are going to court to stop this calling it illegal to relocate illegal immigrants even though the feds do it all the time;

It’s about time that we give Washington a dose of reality, they should bus all the 3000 a day coming into the country illegally. God bless Gov. Abbott;

Beautiful. It’s about time that the ruling class experience what they keep trying to bestow in us. Way to go Texas…and Florida;

One of the main duties of the government is to secure the borders, they are criminally derelict in their duties;


Way to go Gov Abbot so right to send them straight to the source. But they are all adults;

Drop them off in every blue state and city, the Democrats need to welcome their guests at their homes for inviting them here. Go, Gregg Abbott! Don’t Mess With Texas!;

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HOORAH Gov Abbott. We need MORE governors like him. Feet Brandon some of his own medicine;

We definitely need more politicians like this, that look out for Americans, unlike our current administration illegally occupying the white house: Viewers’ Comments.



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