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Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino: Are We Living in an Oligarchy?

Think it’s kinda ridiculous that with all the child porn on #hunter laptop all congress worrying about is the money flow! Wtf is he still even ALLOWED near the oval office, or press meetings for that matter . If Congress has any balls at all they’ll remove him NOW. THIS COUNTRY WONT SURVIVE UNTIL NEXT ELECTION! TOTAL BULLSHIT. Everyone knows that Biden isn’t the legit prez we shouldn’t have to suffer like this knowing damn well proven Biden is a treasonous child raping crook;

Cause 90% of them are pedophiles.. If they exspose it, they exspose themselves;

Check out X22 here on rumble. They aren’t removing him now so they keep digging their own hole deeper and deeper. The swamp is thick. Takes time to drain the whole thing;

Hunter Biden should be in jail, Joe Biden should be in jail, Hillary should be in jail, but all of these people help fund the “Haves.”;

Exceptional Journalism! Keep fighting the Good Fight Dan!
We will WIN with continuous resistance! God Bless Dan Bongino;

Great coverage Dan. the Steele dossier cost Americans millions of dollars. now Hillary has to pay $8,000 and the dnc $110,000 for the political hit job they planned. They left this country in turmoil. Seams to me, Muller should have been able to quell this when he clearly knew what it was. Oligarchy for sure;


Muller spent $45 million plus in our tax money to look the other way.
Ofcourse nothing was in his “preview “.. Hillary wins again;

We’re living in communist government transition merging with a globalist NWO reset
that will enslave us all starting next with a digital currency that will place everyone on a dog leash
and those who don’t comply will be rounded up for concentration camps for execution unless we stop them;

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We have all been called conspiracy theorists time and time again. Yet what we say is coming true at an alarming rate. Sad people don’t see what is happening to America;

True. I believe it’s too late to stop it. The Republicans are not going to save us. Only God can change it. Look at the damage they had Biden do on his first. That’s one day. How many days until Nov? (I didn’t want to look it Some things can’t be reversed because the money has already been allocated. At what point will wake up to the brainwashing? The Democrats always blame their faults on someone or something else. This time around it will be Putin which they demonized for 5 years for this purpose: Viewers’ Comments.




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