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Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino: The Fight for Free Speech Has Just Started

This is just the beginning.

Ministry of Truth is a direct violation of our 1st Amendment. Take note of the politicians that don’t fight it;

I thought Congressional approval is required before creating a government agency out of thin air;

The point is to block all the left’s disastrous information about to become public before the elections this fall. They will block the information. Lawsuits will follow with decisions appealed on up to the Supreme Court. By the time the court stops the blatant violations of our Constitution the elections will be over, and the damage done;

Dan needs stop with the “incompetent” BS and call it out for what it is…a criminal takeover by the Democrats who are destroying our country for their fascist rule…;

Dan I’m right behind you. And if something doesn’t happen soon it’s just gonna get continuously worse. People seriously have to wake up seriously and stop…. There’s a handful of them and there are billions of us I don’t know what we’re waiting for really I just don’t get it;

they’ll start with free speech, then they’ll come for religion, then they’ll come for your right to vote. everything they’ve accused conservatives of doing, they’re doing;


Larry & Sergey (Alphabet/Google), Mark Suckerborg, Tim Cook, and Jeff Bozos are America’s #1 Enemies. If we get RID of them, the rest of the MSM will be moot because no one watches them;

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everybody with a half a brain cell can see that Joe Biden is compromised Hunter Biden in him I believe go hand-in-hand I don’t believe it’s just Hunter Biden creating the compromise and Joe Biden is deliberately doing the Chinese bidding and the Russian bidding for the United States He proves it everyday he could do worse we could already be in cages like the people in China but that ain’t far off if you think about it and that disinformation czar now I don’t see how the government thinks they can actually get away with that destroying our first amendment but threatening to put everybody in prison or jail because for speaking out and that’s the scare people because they lost Twitter: Viewers’ Comments.



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