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Did the Capitol Police Kill TWO Trump Supporters on Jan. 6th?

Did the Capitol Police kill not one, but two, Trump supporters on January 6? We can’t answer that question until we figure out what exactly happened to Roseanne Boyland.

It was a murder just like a pandemic !! Democrats are nothing but organized crime syndicate liars !! There’s more than enough evidence just spineless cowards in congress and the senate!! Mitch McConnel is a pathetic pos criminal or he would be screaming from the rooftops !! GOP has allowed criminals to takeover !! Democrats are nothing but organized crime scumbags not one honest person amongst them!!!;


I can’t help but wonder why some capital police committed suicide after January 6 protest. Did they feel guilty about the lies Pelosi and others put outputting full blame on the protesters! Too bad They didn’t leave notes explaining why they couldn’t go on living: Followers’ comments





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