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Elon Musk asked if he has “Plan B” for Twitter, his response sets the internet on fire

Get your popcorn ready.

I don’t like that ONE MAN is the ONLY SAVIOR of free speech in America, but perhaps it will take one brave billionaire like a “Henry Ford” to destroy the Cabal that controls them all. …and by Cabal I mean the CIA…;

There have been many patriots, without which our country was doomed. ONE MAN… George Washington, without him, NO USA. Abraham Lincoln, ONE MAN, without him, NO USA. Martin Luther King, ONE MAN… without him, perhaps ANOTHER 100 years with no hope of racial equality. There are HUNDREDS of examples where ONE INDIVIDUAL was the tipping point to a better world. I am perfectly content to have Elon Musk restore Twitter to a platform that is open to ALL OPINIONS. I fear no democratic liberal opinions as long as conservatives have equal access. ( and Libertarians too). But Leftists cannot tolerate freedom of speech for their detractors. God forbid some common sense might get out. ALL SPEECH is what a democratic republic needs. I am old enough to remember when liberal Supreme Court justices pronounced that the purpose of the first amendment is to protect unpopular speech since popular speech needs no protection. Go for it Elon Musk!;


I agree, and it even ticks the diversity box, he is an afro-American after all;

One man can’t do anything alone except inspire. Like a general. If this guy turns out to be the general, so be it;

By Cabal, I mean the real one, you know the ones everyone is afraid to criticize or even mention;

One man is not the only savior of free speech in America. We all need to belt it and never allow ourselves to be silenced for even one moment. And we do need to have faith in Jesus and God. We need their strength and we need to know that they are greater than any oligarch on this planet. DO NOT LOSE FAITH AND SPEAK YOUR VOICE NO MATTER WHAT: Viewers’ Comments.

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