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Mask Mandate

Former Miss CA Delivers The Most Epic Takedown Of an Entire School Board Ever! [VIDEO]

In only two minutes for Carrie Prejean Boller, a former Miss California, who is also a mom, a wife of former NFL quarterback Kyle Boller, and who identifies as “MAMA” Bear, to rip the Encinitas School Board in San Diego Co., California to shreds last week.

Parents need to understand that we are the last line of defense for our kids against overreaching school board members trying to force them to suffer through another year of mask mandates.

Here is a transcript of her epic takedown of the school board:

My name is Carrie Boller. You see my shirt? It says “MAMA!” and I’m a mama bear. And I know there’s a lot of mama bears here tonight—and no one’s gonna mess with our cubs! Just so you know.

I’m a resident of Encinitas, born and raised San Diegan.

And tonight, I’m simply here to tell you to unmask our children.

We’re done begging. In fact, we’re done asking. We are going to unmask our children tonight.

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The pandemic is over! The parents are done. We’re done asking you, public servants, for permission.

We are done!

You can all wear your masks, in fact, you can wear two masks and three masks. You can wear gloves, you can have plexiglass. You can do whatever you need to do to keep you safe– but we the parents believe we have a choice for our children.

And I don’t know who you think you are, that you think you have more of a say than us the parents and our doctors. I don’t know who any of you think you are—I really don’t—but it ends today.

We are declaring our freedom tonight. We do not consent to the lies, fearmongering, and abuse. You all know it’s abuse.


This is tyrannical leadership—it’s poor leadership.

This is why we’re all here tonight—because we are all fed up. We’re done asking for permission.

See those chairs you’re sitting in? We own those chairs. See these lights? We pay for the lights—not you.

“Mama bear” proceeded to call out each member of the school board by name and to identify the year that their terms are up, letting them know that she would love to run against them in the upcoming election. She also promised to campaign against them.

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We are declaring our freedom tonight. We do not consent to the lies, fear-mongering, and abuse – you all know it’s abuse.

This is tyrannical leadership, poor leadership, and none of you are willing to stand up for our children. This is why we are all here tonight because we’re fed up, we’re done asking permission, we’re done playing games, the pandemic is over, we are done.

I would love to run for school board to replace all of you. So I’m going to promise you tonight that I will campaign against you, I will, I will fundraise against you, and I will make sure that none of you ever serve in a public space ever again.





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