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Gravitas Plus | Ukraine War: Are we heading towards World War III

Russia has invaded Ukraine.
NATO has increased deployment in Eastern Europe.
Sweden has accused Russia of airspace violation.
Taiwan is on alert.
Is this the prelude to World War 3?

I’m an American and western news is always an awful headache to listen to. Reporting like this is like a breathe of fresh air. No dramatic music, no sensationalism, doom, bias. Just delivering what needs to be said about the topic without the bs. Sub’d;

She is good at breaking down the facts without any sensationalism. One of the best reports I’ve seen;

I just started listening to your coverage in the past couple weeks and I am blown away – you do an amazing job (especially Palki Sharma Upadhyay). Thank you so much for your dedication and for what you do. You’ve added a subscriber here!;


I love this woman!!! The new face of journalism. She should teach the rest of the world how to do newscasting!;

Love her reporting, she got more class then some of big media houses. Factual and to the point;

Somebody throw some medals to palki please. She is the flagbearer of unbiased journalism in this embedded journalism era. Too good of a report. Peak of factual analysis!: Viewers’ Comments.

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