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Hunter Biden

Hannity slams Biden’s ‘tax the rich’ agenda: ‘Is Hunter included?’

Can’t afford gas anymore; can’t afford groceries anymore; 7 dollars for a pound of butter…are you freaking kidding me. Hope Democrats suffer for what they’ve voted for;

Joe Biden created an s Corp so that he and his entire family, including crack hunter Biden, could avoid paying taxes;

So in the end no matter what gets done you all pay the tab anyway Rich aren’t chained fast by mortgages jobs benefits. They just move their money, themselves, businesses (Trades jobs) their expensive toys investment in communities (sales, tips, luxury items. and the jobs of skilled labor ), (your job) elsewhere! Repeat history There goes the economy, recession time I’m suing this one will go as far as he can take it, so expect worse: Followers’ Comment.




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