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INCREDIBLE! WH Press Secretary Says “We will need to coordinate” With Taliban Terrorists To Help Americans Escape From Taliban Terrorists After Aug 31 Deadline [VIDEO]

Two months ago, the far-left CNN warned: An emboldened Taliban poses a severe and expanding threat to the government of Afghanistan, remains close to al Qaeda, and believes it can return to power by force if necessary, according to a United Nations Security Council report released on Wednesday.

The report compiled by the UN Monitoring Team, which is charged with tracking security threats in Afghanistan, paints a bleak picture of the security outlook. It will be uncomfortable reading for the Biden administration as it works to end the US military presence in the country.

One month before the CNN piece that warned about the ties between al Qaeda and the Taliban, the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) warned in a document about the close ties the Taliban maintains with al Qaeda.

Instead of attempting to abide by the agreement put in place with the previous administration for the safe withdrawal of our troops, Joe Biden chose not to honor the deal between the Trump administration and the Taliban and announced they would stay in the war-torn nation through September 11, 2021. Joe Biden seriously miscalculated how the world would react to the symbolic date they chose to remove our troops. The reckless Joe Biden, who was clearly trying to score political points when he picked the 20th anniversary of 9-11, was forced to change the date after polling showed his approval rating plummeting with Americans.

Yesterday, 13 US military members who were part of the team tasked with the evacuation of thousands of US citizens and Afghan allies were killed by suicide bombers. In addition to Taliban terrorists hunting down and killing Afghan allies at their homes, there were multiple reports of Taliban terrorists beating innocent Americans and Afghan allies attempting to reach the airport in hopes of being evacuated. Then yesterday, it was reported that Taliban terrorists were actually given the names of US citizens and Afghan allies by the US government, or a “kill list,” as it’s been referred to by many on social media.

During her press conference this morning, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the evacuation of American citizens past the August 31st deadline. Psaki would not guarantee that they would get US citizens out of the Islamic terror state.

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki: “I don’t think we can guarantee” Americans who want to get out will get out of Afghanistan after August 31

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 27, 2021


Moments later, when pressed on the issue, Psaki inexplicably told the media that should American citizens and Afghan allies remain trapped in Afghanistan past the August 31 deadline, the US would need to “coordinate with the Taliban” (the same group closely aligned with the al Qaeda terrorists who flew into our Pentagon building and the Twin Towers in NYC) to help them escape.

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American citizens, including 24 CA school children and their parents, along with Afghan interpreters and informants, must have breathed a huge sigh of relief to know the Taliban would be helping them to escape the Taliban…<insert eyeball roll here>

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki: “In order to continue to evacuate any American citizen” stranded in Afghanistan after August 31, “we will need to coordinate with the Taliban.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 27, 2021

A June 11, 2021 document prepared by the Congressional Research Service warned of the Taliban’s ties to al Qaeda, a point the Trump administration made clear they would not tolerate as part of their agreement to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.

After more than a year of negotiations, U.S. and Taliban representatives signed a bilateral agreement on February 29, 2020, agreeing to two “interconnected” guarantees: the withdrawal of all U.S. and international forces by May 2021, and unspecified Taliban action to prevent other groups (including Al Qaeda) from using Afghan soil to threaten the United States and its allies.1

Afghanistan emerged as a significant U.S. foreign policy concern in 2001, when the United

States, in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, led a military campaign against

Al Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban government that harbored and supported it. In the intervening

19 years, the United States has suffered over 22,000 military casualties (including around 2,400

fatalities) in Afghanistan and Congress has appropriated approximately $144 billion for

reconstruction and security forces there. In that time, an elected Afghan government has replaced

the Taliban; improvement in most measures of human development is limited; and future prospects of gains remain mixed.

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In a February 2020 agreement with the Taliban, the Trump Administration had committed to withdrawing military forces by May 2021, in return for which the Taliban committed to preventing other groups, including Al Qaeda, from using Afghan soil to recruit, train, or fundraise toward activities that threaten the United States or its allies. U.S. officials contend that the Taliban have not fulfilled their commitments, as violence between the Taliban and Afghan government has increased and Taliban links with Al Qaeda remain in place, according to United Nations sanctions monitors.

Jen Psaki and her boss have known for quite some time that the Taliban is working with the same terror group that blew up the Twin Towers in NYC and flew into our Pentagon building in Washington DC. Is it really too much to ask of our dishonest media to follow up with a question about how ludicrous it is for Ms. Psaki to say the White House is planning to “coordinate” with the Taliban for the safe evacuation of American citizens after the extended August 31st deadline?



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