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Elon Musk

INSTANT REACTION: Elon Acquires Twitter

I have mixed feelings about Musk as well, BUT … and that is one big BUT!!! He is for free speech; hence, he is lightyears better than the wokeists that currently run that dumpster fire called Twitter;

The left keep maligning the guy who’s fighting for freedom of speech. That would make them colossal scumbags of stupidity;

I don’t trust Elon any more then I trust the Demon-rats!! The only one I trust is my Lord Jesus Christ!!;

The urban league just mentioned EVERYTHING that is going on right now!!!;

While I won’t ever buy his car, Elon is my current hero;

I think the Right is acting like sheep we’re reacting to Elon buying twitter, like the left reacted to the Ukraine. Are we going to start putting his picture on our profile? How about we wait and see what happens first?;

I hope Elon is being honest about his intentions and the stand for freedom;

It’s called “projection”. You blame others for the things you are doing yourself;

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In other words all that we’ve done through the years for our agenda may all come falling down…good;

It could be hopium. Keep us at bay for a bit longer, make us feel like we have hope, the calm before the storm, they still need a little bit of time to either bring in Covid or declare thermonuclear war war three and and “emergency“ end to our midterms or we all have to be locked down and can only vote from our homes on the Internet or something… Elon musk seems to be in favor of electronic surveillance for every single human being on the planet… I hope that’s not the case, I hope honestly that we survive here on earth for a few more years, I hope he becomes a hero and saves free-speech we blow them out of the water in the midterms take back our presidency get back our country, stop buying from China and solve all of our deep state issues and go on for a while… Would be wonderful, I would just be surprised if somehow we get things back when this seems like what the Bible talks about that this is the end of the world… I guess it’s a wait and see and fight along the way against the evil wicked tyrants…: Viewers’ Comments.




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