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Kim Dot Com Says Hunter Spied On The Big Guy – Documents On The Laptop

These are the opinions and ramblings of a lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.

Yeah, it’s way past time to hit normies between the eyes with blatant truth and visual evidence. Enough of the drip, drip, drip crap. And, if they get their feelings hurt, tell them, the kids got their feelings hurt too;

Everyone knows President Trump won. There are people who know it and declare it and then there are people who know it but won’t declare it but at the end of the day everyone knows;

I saw a shocking one on bit chute. Naked Brandon;

Was it the video that was sent to me with ped0 j0e naked with a girl tied to a tree and him slapping her on the butt with a strap ?;

12 years ago I had a girl who had just turned 18 confess to me that her stepdad started molesting and raping her starting from the age of 13, I spent 2 years getting this POS put behind bars, It was a nightmare and the county they lived in said they were too poor to bring it to a trial, He took a plea deal only 3 years in jail and 10 years sexual predator probation, I have had it with people messing with the Children, It is time to bring all of these evil bastards to justice and none of this shyt like probation crap, I think you touch a child you forfeit your life…;


if we keep dripping, MSM would have an opportunity to downplay each drip coming out. if we dump everything they won’t be able to downplay all of it it’ll be right in front of their faces;

The evidence is there on the laptop, what visual evidence, it’s all there! The Crack Head Hunter HDD is all there and this is NOT enough proof of what the Biden Crime Family did and how they did it? As what we have so far is more than enough proof (as Rudy Giuliani said) as if this guy is not convicted, we might as well have the Casa Nostra in the WH as it’s all over for America and the world! The D(RATS) FAKE NEWS, FAKE BIG TECH, FBI, CIA DOJ, etc have covered this up for long enough let’s get real as America and the world are sinking quickly while the Biden Crime Family is getting richer and Putin and Xi are running around doing whatever they want. What a tragedy and what a complete and utter failure America has been sunk to: Viewers’ Comments.

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