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Project Veritas

LEAKED RAW AUDIO: Full Twitter All-Hands Call 04-25-22

Thank you, Project Veritas, for the work you do;

Shine the light of truth on the left, they melt;

Every scumbag at Twitter especially habib the ceo should BE CANNED and most of them DEPORTED to Yemen or Venezuela. Bunch of Commie RATS;

All their voices are really annoying. Just saying what everyone is thinking. They will be cashed out in a few weeks imo;

Why give them severance package? Just toss them, and if he can’t due to contracts, he could just make them ineffective & sit at home, until their # is up;

why do we even allow this anti 1A america hating a**hole to remain in our country let alone run a corporation here;

These people ended peoples lives by censoring medical treatments over the past few years. They speak about censoring people as it is the main twittter business. Twitter is like hell on earth;

What really bothers me about this is that the CEO of Twitter is what looks like someone who is under 30 years old who is not American and comes from a country with an Authoritarian classist society. How tf was this EVER ok??;

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They’ve lost their stranglehold on Free Speech! Fact checkers move on we do not need you. You’re a fact distroyer. Twitter is fixing to take off as Elon Musk takes over and Free Speech is released;

The most disingenuous, self-deluded FAKES, I’ve ever listened to. The women are the worst- emotional wrecks that think they own ‘the company’. Military tribunals and GITMO for propaganda. Death penalty if they’re actions are treasonous by influencing the 2020!election. None of them deserve to be unguarded. They’re dangerous psychopaths that think for you: Viewers’ Comments.




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