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“Mass Exodus” – Leaked Audio Captures Twitter Exec’s Panicking Over Musk Takeover

These fools Promoted BLM, blm Destroyed cities looted multiple companies to the point of them going out of business, Burnt down businesses tried to burn down a police precinct!!! Murdered multiple people.. Yes these people are worried about safety, Shut the front door and I hope Elon musk gets rid of all of you;

These twats will need to understand that now they don’t work for a publicly traded company, they work for a business owner. Let him worry about how he will handle things. Your job, if you get to keep it, will be to do what you are told by the owner. Get used to the new world you are in, you all brought this on yourselves;

LOL. They don’t care about safety. That just don’t want anything shared that doesn’t fit their agenda. They have been hiding the truth for many years;


A mass exodus would be a good thing since the crazy people will remove themselves. Elon can then move Twitter HQ to Texas;

Get the socialist/communist Marxist leftist democratic idology off Twitter and any other social media. Killers of free speach should not have a platform for professing there idology;

Replace them all! How hard is it to find another bunch of millennial computer geek programmers? This time maybe find some who support free speech. And what are they talking about safety? They all sound like the direct result of too much Starbucks sensitivity training. Go out on a three dimensional construction job and then worry about safety. The worst that could happen at their job as a paper cut. Correction carpal tunnel from pressing keys on a keyboard. Safety?: Viewers’ Comments.

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