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Elon Musk

New Boss Elon Musk Is Calling Out Twitter On Its Fake Influence Peddling

Arrogance and ignorance perfected. Let’s never forget what organizations and companies we’re complicit in attacking Americans and the country Americans built;

TRUMP WON is the only reality that matters;

Yes, what happens with Dominion voting machines and mail in balloting matters a whole lot more in this country than what Twitter followers do;

Dominion machines should all be junk in the landfills;

Hey Elon!!!…… now fire all the commies that work there! And while you’re at it, go ahead and burn the place down! Because you’ll never be able to get Dorsey’s stink outta there! That’d be money well spent. Up next…….. fakebook!!!;

Battling Big Tech and their “fortification” of elections is a good start. Now we must hold the actual individual behind the tech companies PERSONALLY liable. Starting with Zuckerberg is a good first step. He should be treated just like the Jan 6th “terrorists”, who did nothing compared to Zuckerberg’s financing of election fraud. Lock Zuckerberg up without trial, take all his assets, and try him during Nuremberg 2.0. Get the ropes ready….!;


TRUMP WON and We The People will never kneel, never surrender, and never give up;

And Trump will win again. That’s why backstabbers and “so-called friends” like MitchMconelle, Lindsey Graham, and McCartney have to get kicked out;

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you mean the west, not America. They are globalist socialists. Socialism never worked but they think globally it would work if all have to suffer now: Viewers’ Comments.





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