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Donald Trump Junior

OMG: This Video Is Almost Too Stupid for Words – Watch

i swear thats justin trudoh in drag;

Lets just use them for attractions at Disney! Instead of dunking them in water, let’s make it hot lava;

Thanks Don Jr for you doing your share in our situation we find ourselves in the information war. The tide has changed because of the work from people like you and many others;

Bring back the guillotine! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! ALL OF THEM! PELOSI, SCHIFF, ROMNEY, BIDEN, CLINTON, BRENNAN, COMEY, ALL OF THEM! Take them to the guillotine!;

Maybe that particular version of this song should play at GITMO on loudspeaker 24/7 while they all wait to be executed for treason;

Quentin Tarantino had been the previous theory but true doe is the drama queen;


This administration of government workers are equal to drunken crack whores;

real and true Canadians hate Trudeau and the French Liberals but the socialists they allowed to mass immigrate into Canada just love him! All the Sikhs from India and the Philippino’s support Libtard or their little brother the NDP. Same crap different color!;

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Reminds me of the people who took control of the Ministry of Magic, and then started the process of eliminating all of the muggles, the non-magic folks, folks like us: Viewers’ Comments.



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