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The reported disappearance of videotapes of witness interviews of depositions conducted by the now-disbanded Jan. 6 congressional committee, which was led by the Democrats,...


House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) have placed Hunter Biden and the wayward...


A ‘smoking gun’ email shows that Hunter Biden was copied on an email discussing a phone call that would lead to the firing of...


Tulsi Gabbard: This is so dangerous

Newt Gingrich: Gavin Newsom couldn't answer these questions

'SHAMEFUL': Vivek Ramaswamy explains 'beef' with GOP governor

Nikki Haley: Trump's new nickname for me is not that good

Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal gave authoritarians ‘the green light’: Liz Truss

Retired NYPD lieutenant: Let's get back to good old-fashioned policy

Gutfeld: Elon Musk is the last man standing for free speech

Jesse Watters: Have you ever seen someone casually lie this well?

Sean Hannity: This was explosive

CIA whistleblower: 'All it takes is a signature' to get Epstein's flight logs

Jesse Watters: This is mysterious about the Chauvin stabbing

Laura Ingraham: The White House is in a panic

Jesse Watters: I'm concerned about this

'The Five' react to the heated DeSantis-Newsom debate

‘SHAMEFUL’: This undermines Israel’s entire objective, says Morgan Ortagus

Kamala dodges question on migrant-overrun cities

John Kirby: There is no walking away from Israel

Netanyahu adviser: Hostages went through abuse after abuse

Jason Chaffetz: People of New York should have decided George Santos' fate

Kayleigh McEnany's top moments from Newsom-DeSantis debate

DeSantis CONFRONTS Newsom: 'Slick, slippery politician!' #shorts

DeSantis DRAGS Newsom: You won't admit you are running! #shorts

Biden setting stage to abandon Israel, expert warns

Former Trump official rips Blinken's 'unfortunate statement' on Israel

Biden urges Israel PM against similar Gaza attack post-ceasefire

Father of US man in Hamas custody: Where is the Red Cross?

Gingrich: It's amazing they can say this with a straight face

Israeli official: 'Hamas will now take the mother of all thumpings'

George Santos expelled from Congress

George Santos expelled from Congress

Ron DeSantis: We exposed Gavin Newsom, and failed liberal policies

Jesse Watters: This was an attack against America

DeSantis unveils human feces ‘plot’ map of San Francisco #shorts

Disturbing details revealed of Hamas' treatment of child hostages

IDF confirms deaths of 3 Hamas hostages

Trump reacts to Newsom-DeSantis debate: Wish them well for 2028!

Newsom dings DeSantis over ‘Kamala’ pronunciation: ‘Stop insulting’ #shorts

George Santos says he expects to be expelled from Congress

HIGHLIGHTS: Ron DeSantis vs Gavin Newsom

Republicans eye vote on Biden impeachment inquiry

DeSantis torches Newsom with jaw-dropping line about father-in-law

'PAPER TIGER': Gavin Newsom called out for 'off-putting' debate performance

Fighting resumes as Israel-Hamas cease-fire expires

Kayleigh McEnany: Ron DeSantis was the clear winner

Jim Jordan: This is chilling

Jesse Watters: Brand new developments in the Biden bribery scandal

Auto dealer wrecks failures of Biden administration EV push

Tech CEO: Social media companies unprepared for Hamas ‘hijacking’ platforms

Biden needs to call out Hamas, not lecture Israeli leaders: Mike Waltz

Rachel Campos-Duffy: I feel sorry for these women

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Florida man Lee Rodarte Jr. will spend decades in jail for the brutal killing of his co-worker, 21-year-old Savannah Gold.


Presidential candidate Chris Christie joins “Eric Bolling The Balance” to discuss the latest presidential polling numbers, debate the idea of


Greg Kelly weighs in on Derek Chauvin being stabbed 22 times in prison, reflects on the George Floyd situation, talks

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FOX News host Laura Ingraham reveals why former President Trump’s support is growing while President Biden’s support is declining on

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FOX News host Jesse Watters breaks down new details about the prison attack on the former police officer that killed

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Former CIA officer John Kiriakou says the notion Sen. Dick Durbin ran out of time to vote to subpoena Jeffrey

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FOX News host Sean Hannity argues Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., would make the short list to replace President Biden in


If you’ve used Incognito mode in Google’s Chrome internet browser, you can find out if you have a claim in


‘BIDEN’S FACE-LIFT’: Rob Schmitt takes a look back at Biden’s pre and re-packaged eras of lies, racist remarks and career

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‘The Five’ co-hosts react to ‘explosive testimony’ from the latest House Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing regarding the Biden


If you’ve used Incognito mode in Google’s Chrome internet browser, you can find out if you have a claim in


On Friday’s “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE,” Judge Andrew Napolitano responds to a ruling stating former President Donald Trump could be held


Lidia Curanaj hosts “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” and reacts to the respiratory illness that’s running rampant in China, talks about the


No one had seen Valerie Tindall, 17, since June 7. This week, deputies in Rush County, Indiana found her remains

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NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby provides insight on the Biden administration’s response to the Middle East conflict on


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Jesse Watters highlights Vice President Kamala Harris avoiding questions on whether the administration is providing aid to cities dealing with

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‘The Five’ co-hosts weigh in on the ‘Red State vs. Blue State’ debate between Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis and Calif.


On Friday’s “The Chris Salcedo Show,” Rep. Kevin Kiley defends his vote to expel Rep. George Santos from the House

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Philadelphia passes a new bill prohibiting the masks in public settings in response to recent robberies. #FOXNews Subscribe to Fox