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Former President Trump was mobbed by supporters on Saturday while making a stop at the Whiskey River Restaurant in Ankeny, Iowa. With just 44...


A long-standing agreement between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to process claims for unauthorized migrant medical care is...


Ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson was recently invited on the All-In Podcast and asked to react to Elon Musk’s epic “G* F*** Y******” comments...


Mark Levin: This shouldn't shock you

Kilmeade: Democrats are in trouble

Arrest made in LA serial killer case

This is ‘absolutely inappropriate’ from the Biden admin: GOP senator

Fmr Navy Secretary warns challenges in Middle East will get worse

Hamas understands military pressure and 'we will continue': Israeli Government spox

Principal implements cellphone ban and says students ‘look happier’ without them #shorts

FOX anchor details encounter with possible UFO

Brandon Judd reacts to migrants riding atop trains into the US #shorts

'TIME FOR IT TO STOP': US Senate candidate says US needs to stop empowering our adversaries

Hamas did not keep up its end on hostages: Senior Adviser to Israel’s PM

Border patrol focusing on administrative duties instead of enforcement: Brandon Judd

Clay Travis back Fetterman’s calls for Menendez to be removed from Senate: ‘Wrong precedent’

Could we see a red wave sweeping the world?

Hamas broke the cease-fire since it started: Fleur Hassan-Nahoum

Ramasamy tells country to prepare for 'major surprise' in coming Iowa caucus

'TOTALLY CORRUPT': Air Force veteran calls out Veteran Affairs on migrant medical care

Speaker Johnson provides stunning update on Biden impeachment inquiry

We are 'taking the fight back' to Hamas, says IDF spokesperson

Thousands of car dealers push back on Biden’s expansive EV mandate: ‘Typical politics’

Gutfeld: Why is this happening to America?

Jesse Watters: Biden's foreign-born population boom

Tulsi Gabbard: This is so dangerous

Newt Gingrich: Gavin Newsom couldn't answer these questions

'SHAMEFUL': Vivek Ramaswamy explains 'beef' with GOP governor

Nikki Haley: Trump's new nickname for me is not that good

Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal gave authoritarians ‘the green light’: Liz Truss

Retired NYPD lieutenant: Let's get back to good old-fashioned policy

Gutfeld: Elon Musk is the last man standing for free speech

Sean Hannity: This was explosive

Jesse Watters: This is mysterious about the Chauvin stabbing

Laura Ingraham: The White House is in a panic

Jesse Watters: I'm concerned about this

'The Five' react to the heated DeSantis-Newsom debate

Biden admin under fire for undermining Israel: 'Shameful'

Kamala dodges question on migrant-overrun cities

Chaffetz: This process was wrong and unfair

Kayleigh McEnany's top moments from Newsom-DeSantis debate

DeSantis CONFRONTS Newsom: 'Slick, slippery politician!' #shorts

Liberal city bans ski masks in fight against rampant crime

DeSantis DRAGS Newsom: You won't admit you are running! #shorts

Biden setting stage to abandon Israel, expert warns

Former Trump official rips Blinken's 'unfortunate statement' on Israel

Biden urges Israel PM against similar Gaza attack post-ceasefire

Israeli official: 'Hamas will now take the mother of all thumpings'

George Santos expelled from Congress

George Santos expelled from Congress

Ron DeSantis: We exposed Gavin Newsom, and failed liberal policies

Jesse Watters: This was an attack against America

DeSantis unveils human feces ‘plot’ map of San Francisco #shorts

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FOX News’ Griff Jenkins and Aishah Hasnie discuss Hasnie’s encounter with a possible unidentified aerial phenomenon. #foxnews Subscribe to Fox


Officers deal with some of the most bizarre arrestees and unruly inmates as they get booked in Las Vegas jail.

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Senior adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Mark Regev joins ‘Cavuto Live’ to discuss Israel’s defense strategy as the cease-fire

Fox News

U.S. Senate candidate Tim Sheehy discusses Americans seeing China as the greatest threat and on key issues for Montana voters.


Tarik Johnson, a former U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant, has revealed his plans to share information exposing the January 6 “cover-up.” Johnson, a 22-year veteran...


A boat filled with over two-dozen illegal aliens came ashore not far from the $100 million mansion of actor, singer and vehement Trump hater...


On “Saturday Agenda,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says his GOP rival Nikki Haley gets her political inspiration from Hillary Clinton. Watch

Fox News

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd reacts to migrants riding on top of a train heading into the U.S.


Leading conservative journalist Tucker Carlson described the stakes of the 2024 election and the ongoing criminal cases levied against former President Trump during a...


Drunk drivers are arrested every day across the country, and some, more than others, get caught because of their wild

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‘FOX and Friends Weekend’ co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth discuss the rise of conservative and populist movements across the

Fox News

OutKick founder Clay Travis joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss Sen. John Fetterman’s push for Sen. Bob Menendez to


A man who identified himself as a retired FBI agent warned Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy that he should “be careful” and get some...


“Prime Crime with Jesse Weber” covers the most high-profile true crime cases in recent years. Subscribe to Law&Crime Network for



On “Saturday Report,” Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs says Hamas terrorists deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth


On Saturday’s “America Right Now,” Israeli government spokeswoman Tal Heinrich says Israel is doing the maximum effort humanly possible to

Fox News

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum reacts to the four people killed and five injured in the Jerusalem bus stop

Fox News

Concerned Veterans for America and Air Force veteran Darin Selnick discusses Veteran Affairs facing scrutiny for medical care for migrants