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Pelosi Travels To Warzone To Check In On Her Money Laundering

These are the opinions and ramblings of a lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.

Seeing her go to Ukraine proves to me that they’re all grifters;

The puppets are all meeting up with one another […] please gods let some entity be taking names, and some corrective kinetic action. It’s long overdue?!;

Seeing Nancy go to Ukraine means absolutely nothing is going on in Kyiv;

Did you notice all the armed guards around Zelenski (who looks like he hasn’t slept in a week and is scared shitless), and Nanny and everyone else who goes there is just walking pretty much care free?;

She had to go Congress and the Biden Crime family got of a lot of money in their presonal bank accounts for this very thing;

Even Corn Pop is smart enough not to wear a non camo , Blue Color, outfit in a Combat Zone …Skeleton of D.C. needs to drink or stand . with the Uraniums;

Supposedly it’s a war zone but they’ve got more tourists than Disneyland. I have a feeling its more dangerous in my back yard.;

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something is up, they must be lying more then I think. it doesn’t make sense all this war crap then Nervous drunk a$$ nanc goes there. not buying it;

WE don’t support shit. Esp. not money laundering to established criminals. If modern history stays true this money will get sent, criminals will get paid, all of them will retain tax dollar protection. we will have our currency and freedoms gutted, and these criminals in office will profit profit profit. Anyone providing documents to prove otherwise, like the pedo sex train, get suicided, and no one reports them with any attention, but depp shit gets weeks of coverage eat my ass we are sick of the shit: Viewers’ Comments.





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