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Poll: Nearly70% of Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan

As President Joe Biden began to explain Monday why the U.S. policy on Afghanistan has resulted in a disastrous ending, a just-completed survey shows that nearly 70% of American voters nationwide disapprove of his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to a Trafalgar Poll released by the Convention of the States Action, of 69.3% of American voters voicing disapproval, a strong 59.5% said they “strongly disapprove” and only 9.8% said they simply “disapprove.”

More significantly, the survey found disapproval of Biden to be across the board.  Among Independents, 74.8% said they disapproved of the policy and among them, 65.8% said they “strongly disapproved.”

Among Republicans, 88.8% said they disapproved of Biden’s policy on Afghanistan and 80% said they “strongly disapproved.”


And among Biden’s fellow Democrats, 48.2% said they disapproved of the policy and 36.9% said they “strongly disapproved.”

“This is Saigon, and it’s far worse. Our nation has watched the same group of leaders in Washington D.C., flounder and blunder on foreign policy, on COVID-19, on the border, and on the economy,” said Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action. “After spending more than $1 trillion dollars and enduring wounded and dead soldiers, we are confronted with a basecamp for terror, a foreign policy nightmare, and are now less safe here at home.”


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