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Pregnant American Trapped in Afghanistan Kicked in Stomach by Taliban, Forced Into Hiding

A disturbing report has surfaced from Fox News about the Taliban.

Taliban militants have reportedly kicked a pregnant American in the stomach as she tried to evacuate Kabul, Afghanistan.

The woman was traveling with her husband and father. They remain trapped there and in hiding, Fox News reported.

Republican U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa of California spoke to Fox News about the issue, explaining that she never made it aboard and aircraft due to the danger.

She’s been identified as “Nasria.”

Issa said, “She was kicked in the stomach, but she was kicked in the stomach well after — as she got through the first checkpoint where she remained for hours, waiting for those people at the south point to supposedly come out and get her.”

He continued, “It wasn’t until it was clear they’d closed, [that] they weren’t taking anyone else for quite a while, that finally she accepted that she was going to have to go back and hide in her apartment.”

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“Nasria” made “multiple trips” to the airport before U.S. forces departed, the congressman confirmed.

Watch the clip:

More on this story:

Issa added to Earhardt that about three hours prior to their interview his team had been attempting to arrange a “possible alternative” way out of the country but that a “third party” would be involved and that it was nixed for being “too dangerous.”


“We’ve agreed that she’s going to stay sheltered in place, hiding her identity and hoping that her friends will continue to bring her food and keep her secret until frankly we can come up with something new,” he also told Fox News, adding that “we know her exact location but literally are afraid to even have a conversation about a rendezvous until we know where and when somebody could meet her.”

Earhardt asked Issa if that fear was due to others possibly listening to phone calls, and he replied affirmatively.

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“The Russians have already come in, as have the Chinese. Once you control a phone system — the ability to find out where every cell is and who owns it — they have that data now,” the congressman told Fox News. “So anyone who wants to remain unknown has to switch phones, turn them off, use all the techniques that you would use if you were in survival, escape, and evasion.”

He added that while the Taliban’s intentions aren’t known, it helps to remember that “the president made an agreement and kept an agreement with a terrorist group that was responsible for harboring those who [attacked] us on 9/11, and then didn’t keep his promise to the American people.”

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