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Rep. Byron Donalds to Newsmax: Biden Should Resign Over Afghanistan

President Joe Biden won’t resign over the “embarrassing failure” with the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, nor will anyone else in his administration, but they should, Rep. Byron Donald stated on Monday.

‘It probably needs to start with the president himself, because by all accounts already, and the news keeps trickling in, people in his military apparatus, any intelligence apparatus warned him of this potential outcome.”  “They told the president that if he didn’t actually take real steps to make sure that there was a strategic plan in place for our withdrawal from Afghanistan it would look like this.”

Now, Biden’s “epic failure” is being seen on a world stage, said Donalds.

“We’ve already grown accustomed to it, unfortunately, here in the United States, but now the rest of the world has been able to see his ineptitude that we frankly have seen domestically for quite some time now,” said Donalds. 

He also slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she commended Biden on his “clarity and wisdom” on Afghanistan.”

“It seems like everything that he’s done has only made it worse,” he said. “I have no idea what she’s even talking about. That’s just a statement trying to cover your friend your person in your political party.”

Donalds acknowledged that many people wanted the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan, including himself, but “not like this.”


“There isn’t an American you could find that would want to see what has happened in Afghanistan over the last two weeks,” he said. “For Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to sit there and talk about courage and wisdom and foresight, this is not it when you have 5,000 ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters who were released by the Taliban at a moment’s notice. Not when you have military weaponry, our weaponry just left on left in Afghanistan and now is in the property in the hands of the Taliban.”

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The Biden administration also left people in Afghanistan, who were helping the U.S. troops on the ground over the last 20 years, with nowhere to go but “trying to hold onto jet planes to try to leave the country,” said Donalds. “That’s how desperate this impact of this situation is.”

Biden was also warned that there would be a rise in terrorist threats, but “obviously they took their eye off the ball on what was happening in Afghanistan,” said Donalds. “There need to be serious questions about what was going on in the Biden White House that led to this abject disaster because make no mistake; it is an abject disaster.”





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