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Retired Marine Says U.S. Thwarted His Rescue Efforts for Hundreds of Stranded People, Including Americans

Active duty and retired naval intelligence members are ordered not to “disrespect” Joe Biden over the disaster in Afghanistan.

Not everyone is remaining quiet.

Former Recon Marine Chad Robichaux said his rescue efforts were thwarted by the U.S.

His organization put together rescue efforts for hundreds of stranded people, which included Americans, in Afghanistan.

These rescue plans were shot down by the U.S. Military. Retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Allen West also confirmed this report.

The Pentagon confirmed that American citizens were left behind after the final plane left.

Biden promised that he would ensure all Americans would be evacuated from Afghanistan.

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Biden said, “If there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirm this information while attacking a Fox News reporter who said Americans are being “stranded.”

“It’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded,” Psaki fired back. “They are not. We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home, home.”

The Pentagon has made a devastating admission. In a press conference, a top Pentagon commander admitted that at least hundreds of American citizens were left behind.

The U.S. was unable to evacuate all Americans.

After 13 U.S. service members were killed by a suicide bomber at Kabul airport, Americans were urged not to travel to the airport. Over 60 Afghans were also killed.

The Taliban set up checkpoints surrounding the airport.

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Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin has told members of the House of Representatives that Americans are in fact being beaten by the Taliban in Kabul.

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The Biden administration has failed and lied to Americans.

Now Senator Ron Johnson is demanding answers.

Johnson is a member of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

Allen West said, “Everyone, this is from my close friend, former Recon Marine Chad Robichaux, who has been on the ground and in theater coordinating rescue efforts.”

“This is unconscionable and there are many who need to be held responsible and accountable for this, starting at the top with Joe Biden.”


Robichaux said, “Our two guys on the ground spent all night rescuing 7 buses loads of people: 300 orphans, 100 Christians, 25 Americans.”

“The families of the pilots that have been shuttling our flights.”


“After getting them on the airport and into a holding area, the Colonel over the 82nd had the whole group kicked off the airport and into the hands of the Taliban because he didn’t like the fact that we were out there rescuing people,” Robichaux said. “Essentially murdered them.”

Robichaux said, “We have unofficial intel that they ended up in the hands of the Taliban.”

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Watch the clip:

More from Daily Wire:

“Joe Biden must answer for this!” West implored.

Robichaux and other retired U.S. service members teamed up via Save Our Allies to reportedly evacuate some 12,000 people stranded in Afghanistan. The veteran has said that those rescued have been taken to other countries to start new lives. For their safety, the locations have not been disclosed.

“We the people, every day Americans, along with our friends around the world are stepping in to do what our government won’t,” Robichaux posted to Twitter on Wednesday. “Our team has safely rescued over 2,000 this week to include some Americans. This is what Americans do and who we are. #PrayForAfghanistan #ScortchTheEarth.”

Sen. Johnson “expressed shock that a military official would block American citizens from entering the Kabul airport in a Friday letter to the Departments of Defense and State,” the Daily Caller outlined, Monday.

“It’s hard to believe that any U.S. military official would deny Americans the ability to evacuate Afghanistan,” Johnson wrote. “What generalized or specific order was given to the commander that caused him to take this alleged action? Where did this order originate?”




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