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Russia asks Mariupol defenders to ‘lay down their arms,’ Ukraine vows to fight on

In the ruins of Mariupol, Russia once again issued an ultimatum to Ukraine soldiers still defending the city. ‘Laid down your arms and surrender,’ this proposal is likely to be ignored by Ukraine just like it did before.

This war has shown us. The full hypocrisy of certain countries;

May God protect the people of Ukraine and Russia;

The tunnel with Six stories was built in the time of the Soviet era and the purpose of that tunnel is to have a bunker in case of a nuclear attack. It accommodates up to 40,000 men;

No need to bombard Azostal, that steel plant is nearby the seaside, just dig a little seawater channel to connect it to the first underground entrance. They will come out right away without shooting and killing;

Calling for more deaths don’t blame later when people die. I wish this war ends soon. So many innocent lives were destroyed. It’s really saddening;


The link to Crimea is already established, as you said, only a steel plant is left. It is about freeing up Russian troops and eliminating any threat in their back;

Patrick Lancaster was showing all of this WEEKS ago and – unlike WION – he lets the local people tell their own story. Way to go, fellas!;

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This guy is a really good liar…This is the second time Russia is giving to the Ukrainian soldiers to surrender for safe passage. He should be charged with crimes against humanity for what he has done to his own people. This is a war Ukraine cannot win and in spite of that he is forcing his people to fight and die in addition to the atrocities his Neo-Nazis Azores Battalion has committed, using innocent civilians as human shields…: Viewers’ Comments.



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