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Russian forces crawl closer to Kyiv, Is this renewed effort to capture the capital?

Amid Ukraine and Russia conflict, Russian forces started crawling closer to Kyiv and fears have been mounted that Kyiv will be encircled soon.

That was one good and brave reporter. He didn’t even flinch;

It’s only a fool that will let his country be a battle ground for other countries who are too afraid to fight each other directly! Zelensky is sleeping and he needs to wake up at least for the innocent Ukrainians;

Before you fight an enemy first find out his strengh and decide whether you can manage them or not. Your wrong decision may spoil everything including innocent people lives. At the end your enemy would lose 10% of his soldiers an ammunitions….but you will lose 100%.
The question is….what a wise government should to avoid this type of situations and to maintain peace;


It’s crazy to see these people just driving down the street like everything is normal;

Anas Mallik is one brave press reporter….we pray for his safety and also for all Ukrainians safety;

Putin is the type of guy to offer ceasefire on a condition the enemy surrenders: Viewers’ Comments.

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