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Russia’s latest warning to the West: Russia to target Western arms supply?

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia has given the latest warning to the West. Russia to target Western arms supply? Watch this report to find out.

They “could target”? This is funny. I’m sure they already try to disrupt it. How successful it is is another question. Looks like a great exercise for NATO forces to do this in a clandestine way;

The US avoided hitting Russian ships in North Vietnamese harbors. Even though those Russian ships carried the antiaircraft weapons which would be shooting at them the next day or week. Once unloaded into Vietnam though the supplies were fair game;

Remember the Korean War and the Vietnam war? The North Koreans and Chinese as well as the North Vietnamese got all their weapons from Russia, a lot of U.S. planes were shot down and a lot of U.S. soldiers were killed with those weapons;


Yes, I read that targetting weapons supply in war is legitimate. ‘A legitimate military target is an object, structure, individual, or entity that is considered to be a valid target for attack by belligerent forces according to the law of war during an armed conflict.’;

I was honestly wondering what took them this long to put a stop to it , If they start sending this stuff on trains and in civilian vehicles they are going to paint a giant target on the remaining civilians . Politicians on both sides playing with peoples lives : Viewers’ Comments.


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