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Teacher busted allegedly showing kids PORNOGRAPHY in middle of class

Why does this keep happening?

Accidentally showed porn to minors? Whoopsy? BS…..This teacher and any of the pedophile lefty’s need to be splayed in public for all to see. Democrats, the party of the pervert;

Liberal teachers live in an alternate universe. That’s why there should be CAMERAS in the classrooms to protect our innocent children from these sicko’s. But teacher’s unions and school boards are against cameras… NUFF SAID. — FJB;

And listen to the clueless mom who says her kids really loved the teacher. I’m sure he loved them right back and groomed them every day. She should ask her kids what else he showed them;

Does the lawyer think it’s okay if it was educational? See kids, this is how you do it;

Fired. Are you nuts? These sick FKS need to be PUBLICLY HUNG. Our kids are at stake and all you can come up with is to fire them. HANG THEIR FKN Ass’s. Each and every one of them;


The Leftist Deviants are dedicated to the Destruction of America…Never forget this come Nov 8th…There are No Good Democrats…Period…;

It is not unprofessional, it is not inappropriate, and it is absolutely perverted. This is what is teaching our kids;

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Some of these people are beyond delusional…like the woman saying he was a great teacher and hopefully this works itself out…ummmm he was showing porn to kids lady…what part of that makes him a great teacher and why are you not demanding they put him in jail for his sick actions? What is wrong with these people?: Viewers’ Comments.




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