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Dan Bongino

The Democrat’s Election Plot You’ve Heard NOTHING About

Keep your eyes peeled for this scheme.

People that support illegals, terrorists, and criminals will lie, cheat and steal during elections. The democrats check all those boxes;

RINOS are clearly onboard as their silence is deafening;

Yup, your exactly Right, R and D’S are feathers 🪶 of the SAME BIRD 🦢 IT IS literally good versus evil now;

Common sense Democrats can be counted on two fingers….occasionally. There are numerous good Republicans but still, a few who are spineless and they need to be replaced. So no, Democrats and Republicans are not the same;

Please tell me why non of these people aren’t locked up? if we have all this evidence then why isn’t anyone doing something about this corrupt administration?;

It’s going to happen again if this is not stopped! They will cheat their way in like 2020 and this time, a true and real government coup! I’m not even going to use any other word for it. Patriots will not back down against the corruption from the left and all the leftist corporations. Stop using leftist social media sites. Zuckerbuck this dems!!;


Why did I receive 2 notices where I go to vote … different dates on them a week apart … just like when they sent out mail-in ballots to all people that did Not request one including me;

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Got news for you when I worked in Medicaid, we had to send out voter paperwork with the application. True story.

It is hard for me to trust the republican party as far as I can throw them because it was them who took away my fourth amendment rights with the United States patriot act: Viewers’ Comments.





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