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‘This didn’t just happen overnight’

Del Rio, Texas, residents Lee and Najla Weathersbee have seen the crisis at the border firsthand. On “America’s Newsroom,” Lee Weathersbee warned of the “tragic” situation that he said is being used to advance political agendas.

Thousands of migrants are waiting at the International Bridge in Del Rio, waiting to enter the United States. And despite President Biden’s pledge to get the border “under control,” Republicans say the situation is not improving and remains a threat to Americans’ safety.

“It’s tragic what’s going on here,” Lee Weathersbee said. “And we’re frightened. We’re scared.”


He said the crisis is not new, and he believes the Biden administration is using the surge of migrants at the border for political gain.

While the Biden administration claimed the migrants in Del Rio faced expulsion, two U. S. officials said that thousands are being let into the country and released with notices to appear at an immigration court.

Senate Democrats are also expected to u… (Read more)

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