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Donald Trump

Trump vs. Piers Morgan’s interview gets HEATED: “Turn the camera off!”

Trump had enough of “very dishonest” Piers Morgan.

Trump is an example of how to handle the left and their bs;

this libtard news anchor guy is as liberal minded backstabbing as Megan Kelly is they don’t like Trump at all they’re soo Anti-Conservative.. so Trump had his Right to walk away from the interview;

millions of votes were bad. fact!;

Excellent. I now know that I will definitely NOT be watching this interview or anything else from Morgan;

Can’t see why Trump would have even entertained the idea of an interview with Morgan. What did he expect?;

I had enough of Piers Morgan since the first time I saw him on TV. Screw that dude;


I really dislike that interview thing won’t even call him a person he’s part of the club and we all know TRUMP WON .he’s a Hillary pos;

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The man with a blindfold and earmuffs on wants to see the evidence. I would like to see him watch videos and testimonials about the stolen elections while a camera is recording his facial expressions, and a studio audience is present. Let’s see him explain that away while his feet are put to the fire;


THIS IS A FACT!! In the entire history of this country, when a President has run for re-election and received more votes than the original total that got him elected, no one has ever lost! Trump gained 9 million more votes than the first time. Obama gained just under a million more than the first time. Bush, Clinton, Reagan, etc etc. All had more votes and won re-election. Trump gained 9 million more votes. PLEASE do not tell me Biden had 81 million. It is a lie. Period: Viewers’ Comments.



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