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Tucker Carlson Fires Back at (Failing) New York Times Hit Piece

As a mixed race man of “color”… I IMMEDIATELY QUESTION THE SOURCE AND MOTIVE every time someone or some organization attempts to weaponize skin color i.e. call someone “racist”. In my nearly 40 years on the planet, it’s done simply to sway opinion, nothing more. I’m tired of it and I know I’m not the only one;

I also find it amazing how Democrats have gotten away with calling people “colored” to their faces again;

Seems that most folks have never read “The boy who cried wolf!” True “racism” is terrible & displays the offender’s ignorance & stupidity & must be addressed to determine if the offender is sincerely misguided or malicious. But calling everyone that disagrees with you “RACIST!” is as stupid as calling everyone a horse. It is the refuge of those with shallow intellect;

They despise the fact that we actually agree with MLK’s I Have A Dream speech, that it is entirely about the content of your character, that your character as a human being has nothing to do with a superficial trait such as your ethnic background, which for many people isn’t as simple as an inaccurate reference to a color. No one is white as snow, and no one is black as pitch. The mass deception started there, long ago;


If calling you “racist” doesn’t work, they will call you Russian Disinformation Agents;

Demorats can’t justify there they can’t afford to debate them;

Hindu. N.Y. Tines hid the holocaust in WW2. What mire does anyone need to know. They are scum;

All races are of color….lol Yes..White is a damn color also. So the race baiting scum are doing it for a reason, not because they love any race. Its a game and its a control mechanism for votes and to keep the herd moving in the right direction. Beside….the only thing the demons-crats have is Race Baiting and BS discrimination lies, because they can not run on their agenda and reckless direction to communism: Viewers’ Comments.

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