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Tucker: Democrats have decided to replace Biden

Tucker Carlson reacts to the president’s blunders.

Look at how they treat him. That’s what they think of the American people. None of these politicians are worth a dam..;

Biden wandering around alone is absolutely one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen;

Just because someone is old, it doesn’t mean he is the good guy. I feel ZERO sympathy towards him. I rather feel sorry for us;

After watching that clip with Obama, I felt sorry for Biden for the first time in my life…But at the end of the day this is what you get when you fix an election;

“The adults are back!” Vengeful swamp monsters, more like!;

Are we going to act like we didn’t see this coming since his inauguration? He is and always was the fall guy. He was a wrecking ball from day one. They’ll get rid of the bumbling old fool but they will never reverse the damage done. That was his job from day one;


“We have dolts in the White House now” was a true statement;

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I can’t believe that is the president of the United States walking around like hes at Shady Pines.. How 😔;

Honestly I don’t feel bad for the guy, he gets what he deserves;

“The adults are back” repeated like a bunch of clowns playing a script. What a joke the media is today: Viewers’ Comments.




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