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Hillary Clinton

Tucker SCHOOLS Hillary Clinton for Saying He Supports Putin

Tucker is right. Hillary is a despicable human being;

What happened to all the gold that Libya had that he was going to use for his own currency? How come Hillary Clinton’s brother discovered gold in Haiti? And after that was broadcast on the media a few months later Hillary Clinton’s brother died why?;

She is Carol Baskin with a pants suit. There is no human emotion when she speaks and laughter is forced and awkward. I assume we will never know what it looks like when Hillary tells the truth because she will never be held accountable for her treachery against America;

Putin has the goods on all of these criminals and what they were up to with all those biolabs…;


Who allowed 20% of US Uranium to be sold to a Putin Co?….Whose husband got $500k from the Sokoloff Inst for a speech?..this Inst was called a Front for Putin to gain military Tech by the FBI and US Army….Who Hates the American Deplorables with a seething passion?…..Well fans, thats the Treasonous BOS ,Hillary ….;

Hmmm , we thought Trudeau was just some goof that was going to get weed legalized for us…They thought Biden was a moderate. Ukraine thought the comedian was a safe choice. Well mfers YOU were ALL wrong. Try again shit for brains….: Viewers’ Comments.

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