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WATCH: Ukraine backs away from NATO bid? | Russia-Ukraine tensions

In an apparent attempt at appeasing Moscow, Ukraine’s president Zelenskyy said that he is no longer seeking a NATO membership, an issue that was one of Russia’s stated reasons for the invasion. To shed more light on this, we are joined by WION’s correspondent Olly Barratt and political analyst Andreas Umland.

I wish Ukraine and Russia reach a solution. Peace for both nations is very important;

Am observing and analysing you news…it is normal as human even journalists can take sides … but I observed your reports are balanced…CONGRATULATIONS!!!;

About time that reasonable people start doing what is right for their people;

Sometimes we need to swallow our pride to retain peace. This will be a great lesson to every corrupt government, to build their country as strong as their neighbor without relying to other countries. Zelensky’s decision was quite tough not just as a president but as a Ukrainian father who have lost so many lives of his children in this war.. that’s why we shouldn’t criticize and blame him coz we are not in his position. Slava Ukraini🇺🇦☮;


This could just be statements aimed at the conscience of NATO to pull them into the conflict. Zelensky has previously mentioned readiness for neutrality, but changed the rhetoric. Let’s just see if he’s serious about it this time though: Viewers’ Comments.


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