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VIDEO: Mass shooting in Carolina leaves 14 injured, police detains 3 armed men

Gun violence continues to plague America, the recent incident took place on April 16th where nine people were shot and five others were injured in a shooting at a shopping mall in South Carolina.

We Indians as a world community are really concerned about Human rights violations in the United States of America…This issue needs to be raised in UN;

As an Indian am very much concerned about Human rights in the United States of America;

We are very concerned about the regular human rights violation happening in the USA and all of these are targetted towards people of color.. the more concerning thing is that the numbers of such violations are increasing day by day and govt is busy avoiding the issue as if lives of nonwhite doesn’t matter…;


India must investigate on USA’s human rights violations. Pretty concerning that innocent lives are getting stained due to its petty clashes. My heart goes out to the inflicted ones;

We love our guns it is for our protection and freedom rights- American citizens;

Dear USA GOVERNMENT, wipe your bloodstains before preaching to others about Human Rights;

We Indians are really concerned about “HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION” in the US. We should raise this issue in the UN;

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When we talked about human rights n homicides most Americans regret saying the right thing
But when we highlighted oppression n genocide they were the super helter-skelter to talk especially towards the Muslim populations: Viewers’ Comments.





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