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Video shows desperate Afghans jumping on air-bound US planes, falling from hundreds of feet, trying to escape country : ‘No words can describe these scenes’

Disturbing videos shared to social media Monday morning have reportedly captured Afghans clinging to air-bound planes in order to escape Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

In the videos, objects that various outlets reported are people can be seen falling from planes as the aircrafts ascend hundreds of feet into the sky.

What are the details?

Videos captured the moment hordes of Afghani people began chasing U.S. Air Force cargo planes down a Kabul airport runway in desperate bids to flee the country.

According to the Daily Wire, myriad outlets including Newsweek, the Daily Mail, and more reported that those objects falling from the planes were, indeed, people.

The outlet reported that the hysterical mobs forced the U.S. military to use helicopters to “clear people off the tarmac so the planes could take off.”

Insider reported that other photos “depict the bodies of people who had reportedly fallen onto the roofs of buildings in the Afghan capital from planes they attempted to stowaway on.”

“Locals near Kabul airport claim that three young men who were holding themselves tightly in the tires of an airplane fell on top of people’s houses. One of the locals confirmed this and said that the fall of these people made a loud and terrifying noise,” Afghan news agency Asvaka News tweeted alongside a graphic photo of a person’s dead body. The agency also tweeted a video of onlookers examining the person’s body.

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One social media user tweeted a particularly disturbing video showing a small crowd of people huddled on the side of one of the aircrafts, and captioned it, “No words can describe these scenes.”

Content warning: Disturbing video footage: No words can describe these scenes

— Ali Folladwand | علی فولادوند (@Ali Folladwand | علی فولادوند)

1629106441.0 Exclusive- A clear video (from other angle) of men falling from C-17. They were Clinging to some parts of the plane…

— Aśvaka – آسواکا News Agency (@Aśvaka – آسواکا News Agency)

1629107602.0 BREAKING: At least 2 people fall to their death after holding on to a plane as it takes off from Kabul Airport

— BNO News (@BNO News)

1629103495.0 16 August , 2021, Hamid Karzai international Airport.



— Sowaibah Hanifie (@Sowaibah Hanifie)


What else?

Later on Monday morning, U.S. reportedly suspended all flights at Kabul’s Karzai International Airport in order to clear the airfield.

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CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tweeted, “The US military has suspended air operations at the Kabul airport while troops try to clear the airfield of Afghans who flooded the tarmac [according to CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr]. Biden’s national security advisers have made clear this a.m. they don’t consider the airport secure right now.” The US military has suspended air operations at the Kabul airport while troops try to clear the airfield of Afghans…

— Kaitlan Collins (@Kaitlan Collins)




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