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Elon Musk

VIDEO: Tucker: You just became a little more powerful

Tucker Carlson reacts to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

They are not just grieving. Those are the faces, of criminals in fear of being caught;

Tucker Carlson has been hitting home runs for a long time his show is the greatest;

“In an age of deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell, that would be ACTUAL truth not ‘your truth’;

I love when Mr. Musk says “I don’t care about the economics”…calm without raising his voice as the interviewer is trying to talk over him, lol!;

And to all the “conservatives” that are bad mouthing Elon? Relax, he can’t make Twitter any worse than what it already is;

Every member of the House and the Senate should be AUDITED every year they are in office, and for 15 years after leaving office;

Shocked me that even when he offered to pay the shareholders 20% more than what the company was worth they still didnt want him… Which proves if a company goes against the shareholders wishes they are not really in it for profit… So what else could it be? Hmmmmm?;

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What’s even more hilarious is the talking complex with Joy Reid hasn’t considered the fact that Elon Musk took a poll regarding exactly the point he was trying to make and had overwhelming calls to shake things up in the first place which is exactly what he did. That kind of failure of acknowledgement speaks volumes;

Twitter has so much influence on the world right now that this is actually a true historical moment;

he did “pay his fair share” of taxes. he paid more in one year than the entire “elected” government body combined. i vote we decrease their pay by 20%, theres no reason why a voluntary position involving power needs to seed 6 figures a year. let them live like us peasants and watch them start to serve their people again: Viewers’ Comments.




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