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Martin Walsh from Trending Politics reports, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee did not mince his words when talking about Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. During a recent interview, Kamala Harris was asked about the issue of voter ID. She suggested that one of the problems is that rural voters don’t live near office supply outlets and therefore can’t figure out how to photocopy their IDs.




Fauci4 weeks ago

[VIDEO] Jim Jordan Wonders Why Fauci Has Suddenly “Disappeared”…and Then Drops a Bomb on Him…

Media4 weeks ago

BBC Better Sleep With One Eye Open After “Accidentally” Referring to Bill Clinton as a Convicted Rapist…

Biden Speech1 week ago

What does this mean? Is he speaking Egyptian?

Capitol Riots6 days ago

Greg Kelly Airs Photos of All of the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners Still Sitting in Jail without Trial

Donald Trump2 weeks ago

Trump Releases Statement in Wake of Arizona Election Audit Hearing, ‘There Was No Victory’ for Biden’

Arizona6 days ago

Ariz. Senate calls to decertify election

Arizona1 week ago

Jenna Ellis reacts to audit revelations

Congress3 weeks ago

Military Members Say They’ll ‘quit’ If Army Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine: Congressman

Hannity6 days ago

Sidney Powell Will Join Movement to Assist Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

Congress4 weeks ago

Rep. Greene fires back after 40 Dems including AOC send letter to McCarthy calling for him to “take immediate action” on her behavior

Politics4 weeks ago

Kevin McCarthy Will Strip GOP Members of Committee Assignments for Serving on Pelosi’s January 6 Committee

Donald Trump2 weeks ago

‘A new presidential election ‘must’ be conducted,’ Sen. Rogers after the Audit by Cyber Ninjas

Ashli Babbitt Case23 hours ago

Greg Kelly Has 5 Questions for Ashli Babbitt Killer Lt. Mike Byrd

Biden Speech4 days ago

Australian Media Mocked Biden

Capitol Riots2 days ago

Adam Kinzinger LAUGHS Right Before Fake Crying at Jan 6 Hearing


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