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Donald Trump

Walls Close In On Adam Schiff As He’s Tied To Fake Russia Collusion Hoax

These are the opinions and ramblings of a lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.

Time to take Adam Schiff down. Corrupt Californians need to be exposed;

When Schiff gets tried and HUNG after Nuremberg 2.0, the only question will be: Is his skinny chicken neck going to tear off, or not;

For the sake of the great Cali people who have always lived, worked hard for, and loved cali;

… and who kept complaining, but did nothing to stop it. CA does not need an election steal to keep commies in power. Go to CA’s big cestpool cities and look at all those mask loving sheeple. The majority of Californians ARE commie sheeple who believe the commie narrative. Not worth saving;


this is getting crazy,its like 4D chess and trump has all the corners closing in on them;

I’ve heard time and again hillary, shiff, podestas, biden, obamas, and so many others have been dealt with and so far these traitors are still running around causing havoc. so I don’t believe for a minute Schiff is busted, executed or arrested;

Would be lovely if they started arresting these people, lets see the actual handcuffs and jail time, tired of the arrests are coming and such show us the money so to speak;

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Schiff and Buck were raping sedated blacks while dressed in pharoahs outfits while high on meth. His eyes give him away!! Public execution!!: Viewers’ Comments.




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