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Gov. Ron DeSantis

WATCH: Ron DeSantis Blasts Reporter, ‘Does it Say That in the Bill?’

WFLA reporter Evan Donovan asks Governor Ron DeSantis if he supported HB 1557.

Our nation needs strong leaders like Gov. DeSantis!;

The real question that should be asked is, why are the sexual deviants in the Democrat Party’s teachers unions pushing so hard to hypersexualize our children? As sick as Democrats are, we must assume that they’re attempting to hypersexualize and harvest our children for their own perverted desires;

A Republican has a spine and calls out the lying left and msm. Well done Gov DeSantis!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸;

I’ll tell you what the 5000+ page bill the democrats(keep in mind, by law bills introduced into congress can have things added to them up to 5min before a vote so we know not a single person on earth really knows what they are voting for) passed the first month in office disguised as covid relief says: “for every dollar raised by a presidential candidate the United States Treasury will donate six dollars”. Can anyone explain what this has to do with “covid relief “?This means in 2024 when candidates run for president and raise a ton of money(all donated by cooperations that will see a return on thier money of course) like Hillary raised 1.2billion dollars in 2016 you the tax payer will be out 7.2billion dollars. Think about that when you can’t afford to drive to work because more politicians are making billions off oil prices. A politician skill set is reelection and transferring money from the American tax base into private accounts. The politician you support voted for this no matter the party. They are robbing you. Term Limits put these a$$holes right back on the street where they will have to look us peasants right in the eye in a single election cycle. Are you tired of being ruled? Are you tired of these thieves living like kings off your back? This is the great movement, this is the great gofundme, this is the great protest for the last human right we will ever need. This delivers power back where it belongs. Power to the people!: Viewers’ Comments.





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