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Gulf Countries

WATCH: Saudi Arabia, UAE decline calls with US amid fears of oil prices spike

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates leaders have declined to take calls from US President Joe Biden. Biden has been trying to gather international support for Ukraine in a bid to arrest the rising oil prices. Saudi officials have been quite critical of the US and its policy in the Gulf amid the deteriorating relationship under the Biden administration.

When a nation has all the oil it needs but refuses to use it because it would mean admitting the opposition was right;

I observe that “someone, somewhere” is dictating what other countries needs to do! When they are accusing others a dictator, they are doing it themselves. . . Hipocrazy at it’s finest. . . Let other countries have the freedom to choose. . .;

Good decision by the Saudi Arabia and UAE in not towing the American order;

UAE is waking up to America’s foolishness. It’s so refreshing to see this;

“They are sovereign countries. They can decide for themselves, with whom to be friends, and with whom to be not”;

As an American, I can say, this is what we get. We meddle with everyone in everything, eventually you get burned. This is also all due to decades of failed energy policy and inability to look to the future. Lets also not pretend that the US even as of last year was number 3 in the world in regards to crude production IE what everyone needs now. Our inability to take seriously ANY thought of utilizing alternate energy has be polarized into an all or nothing political theater. Not to mention both of our “wonderful” political parties get money from oil and gas. Even if we “drilled and filled” state side, we are seeing more and more significant weather events, corporate greed and frankly some areas not wanting oil rigs in their view. I use gas daily, we need it, however we need to look at other means, even if we are a quarter as reliant in 5 years, these steps add up. But, don’t look to “the leader of the free world” to take this issue seriously. And for any one coming at me telling me to “get out if I don’t like it”, I have that thing called Free speech that many American’s also pick and choose when to use, as well as everything else we pick and choose in our constitution in which we hold “oh so dear”. Wake up America: Viewers’ Comments.


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