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Joe Biden

Biden Greeted With “Let’s Go Brandon” Chants Near Seattle

More protesters always show up to protest Biden than the number of attendees he drew to his rallies on the campaign trail;

80 million votes huh?;

Why dont they start chucking rotten eggs at these frauds? The most appropriate time for this would be now;

heh,,, nice use of fossil fuels, Brandon..;

all of that for one person who’s destroying our once great country. our tax dollars out the window for this silly parade of vehicle;

Haha that’s funny. Are you sure he was in there? I didn’t see the Pampers truck…;

Im gonna go out on a limb here and say Biden is well liked,LMFAO. Good Work Patriots~!!!;

What ever happened to the electric cars?! Isn’t that congestion bad for the environment? Are those vehicles running on fossil fuels? Hello media, just gave you a big bone to help with some journalism to save the planet! Happy earth day!;

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Such a WASTE of time, manpower, expensive cars and gasoline on this jerk of a President… send him back to his basement where he belongs…;

All of that for one person who’s destroying our once great country. our tax dollars out the window for this silly parade of vehicle: Viewers’ Comments.



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